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Finding a PG in Ahmedabad is not very difficult if you look at the right places. The land of the kite festival is a preferred destination for students as it houses quite a few sought after colleges and management institutes. The life here is as vibrant and multicultural as the people. Students and working professionals can find decent, cost-effective PG or hostel options here that provide basic living options. And then there's Your-Space - a place just like your home! At Your-Space we provide complete solutions for students and working professionals looking to start their new journey in Ahmedabad. Our carefully chosen facilities and amenities will make you feel right at home!

PG IN Ahmedabad
CG Road - Benefit house

Ahmedabad | Boys

  • Institute Nearby

  • Ahmedabad University

    5 mins
  • GNLU

    5 mins
  • CEPT

    5 mins
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FAQs on PG in Ahmedabad

Do I need to pay the full amount upfront while booking a hostel in Ahmedabad?

Most hostels or PGs in Ahmedabad may ask you to pay upfront however while booking with Your-Space you just need to only pay a minimum booking amount to reserve your seat. The security deposit can be paid while coming to the hostel and you can choose to pay the hostel fee on a monthly basis as well.

Why should I stay in a PG in sharing when I can get a private room in a hotel?

A student's life requires a lot more than the regular check-in, check-out and room cleaning. Staying in a hostel or a hotel are two completely different experiences and cannot be directly compared. Most students opt to stay in a hostel/PG as they provide a more dynamic environment where students interact with each other, share best study practices, cook their own food if required, play games, go out and a lot more.

Can I choose my own roommate in the girls PG in Ahmedabad?

The colleges have already started with distant education through their online sessions and we do understand you would have already made great friends by now. You can of course let us know your roommate preference and we would be more than happy to accommodate you together in our girls PG in Ahmedabad.

What recreation facilities do boys PG in Ahmedabad have?

Most of the hostels and PGs only offer accommodation facilities along with the optional meal. Being students ourselves in the past we are well aware that there's a lot more in a student's life than just the regular studying and assignments. Enjoy a good breather at our boys PG in Ahmedabad with recreational facilities like gym, break-out zones, lounge areas etc.

Do Hostels in Ahmedabad charge a brokerage fee?

Most PGs or hostels do have brokers involved due to which you may have to cough up a good brokerage fee. The only thing you pay for at Your-Space is the monthly rent and a refundable security deposit.

Which is the best PG in Navrangpura, Ahmedabad?

You will find several Hostels and PGs in Navrangpura, Ahmedabad. You can check Your-Space in Navrangpura,which is ideal for students from Ahmedabad University, GNLU, CEPT.

Which is the best PG in Sanand, Ahmedabad?

There are several options available in Sanand. You can check our PG in Sanand, Ahmedabad which is ideal for students from Fire Tech college, Ahmedabad.

Are there separate hostels for boys and girls at Your-Space?

Some hostels have separate properties altogether for male and female students whereas others have separate sections in the same premises with different entrances and separate common areas. Regardless of the fact, you rest assured that we have dedicated 24x7 wardens and property managers available at both our boys as well as girls hostels.

Do you have any maintenance facilities in case repairs are required?

The only thing a student needs to worry about is their coursework and the assignments! Let our property manager handle the minor fixes here and there.

What types of room sharing options are available in PGs in Ahmedabad?

There are several student accommodation options available in Ahmedabad. Here's a quick overview of the types of rooms you can choose from:

1. A shared room that allows you to enjoy having a roommate around. It sleeps two or more in separate beds. It's absolutely perfect if you have a college buddy you want to share the room with. The additional living space and facilities are shared with other rooms.

2. A private room is an option that ensures there is no need to share your space as your sleep and study space is your own. Although in case of an apartment flat you get to know your flatmates in any shared additional living spaces.

Do you provide laundry services at Your-Space?

Of course! Did we skip mentioning that you have an access to the washing machine in your shared living space too? A fully-equipped space is what you enjoy as a perk of being at Your-Space!

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