Top 6 Reasons to Stay In Gurgaon

luxury PG in Gurgaon

Wondering if your move to Gurgaon is the right decision? It sure is. Gurgaon or Gurugram is an integral part of the National Capital Region (NCR) and is a planned city. Living in Gurgaon is an experience you must not miss. Here are some of the top reasons to stay in the city – 1)Cut Continue reading…

Top 6 Pandals to Visit for the Best Durga Puja in Delhi

Durga Puja in Delhi

Ma Aasche. Those are the words we wait for all year. Listening to the musical rendition of the Chandipath on Mahalaya morning, dressing up in your finest from Panchami through Bijoya, participating in the anjali and dhunuchi naach, enjoying the sindur khela – if these are what you are looking forward to but wondering where Continue reading…

How Co-living is Redefining ‘Home Away from Home’ Concept

How Co-living is Redefining 'Home Away from Home' Concept

For the millennials, co-living is becoming an increasingly lucrative and mainstream form of living in a new city. Right from young working professionals to students, people are looking at more than just an ideal location and leaning more towards the amenities being offered by the co-living spaces. Understanding the requirements of such people, Your-Space ensures Continue reading…

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