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I hereby certify that the foregoing particulars are correct and I agree that admission may be granted to me on the terms and conditions and rules of Your-space Hostel or such modifications thereof as may be made by authorities concerned from time to time. I understand that my admission may be cancelled and all fee paid by me forfeited if any particulars given by me in this application are subsequently found wrong. I agree that the Warden/Management's decision in all matters concerning my admission studies, discipline and conduct will be final and binding on me.

Further, i understand and accept the following:

1. All admissions shall be given on "First cum first serve" basis and as per the availability of seats. Any final decision governing admission will be at sole discretion of the management.

2. The pre-booking fee of INR 500/- paid online doesn't guarantee admission till all documents etc are checked and payment received.

3. Students must report to selected location in person to complete the admission process and payment of necessary fees.

4. The token fee of INR 500/- collected online shall be adjusted against the total hostel fee payable at the time of admission. The same will be refundable if the admission is not given by the hostel. In the case of admission being offered but not accepted by the applicant, the token of INR 500/- collected online and any other payment made for the admission shall be forfeited in full and any refund shall be at the sole discretion of the management.

The following rules shall apply to all Residents of the Hostel:

1. Residents once admitted to the Hostel, will be a Resident of the Hostel throughout the academic year unless otherwise debarred from the Hostel on disciplinary grounds and in that case the Hostel fee will be forfeited.

2. Every Resident should stay in the accommodation allotted to her by the Management. Any change of accommodation without prior permission of Warden/Management is not permitted and the violation of this rule will be considered as an act of indiscipline.

3. Residents are not allowed to remain absent from the Hostel during the night between 7pm and 6am, without the prior permission of the Warden/Management. Residents may be allowed a night-out on the basis of a prior intimation to and approval of the Warden / Hostel Management. Prior written consent of the Local Guardian/ Parents of the Residents shall be required before any approval is given. Residents on night-out are required to inform the Warden of their destination.

4. In the event of late timings owing to college activities, a letter from the respective college shall be required to approve late timings of Residents.

5. Residents shall not leave the Hostel premises without prior permission of the Warden/Management. They shall have to apply in the prescribed form in advance stating the reason for leaving and the address of the destination. Residents who leave the Hostel without permission from the concerned authorities shall be deemed to be missing and parents/guardian/police authorities may be intimated.

6. The Resident will not leave the Hostel premises on holiday for the purpose of excursion/picnic. Prior permission of the Warden/Management has to be obtained for going on any such picnic/excursion. However, the Hostel authorities will not take any kind of responsibility of such picnics/excursion nor shall be held responsible for any untoward incident or eventually connected therewith.

7. No Resident of the Hostel is permitted to take any article/utensil outside the Hostel premises or in their room.

8. Consumption, storage or supplying of drugs, liquor or any sort of intoxicants is strictly prohibited and if found guilty the same will be dealt with severely (including expulsion from Hostel). Any Resident found in intoxicated state shall we expelled from the Hostel immediately.

9. Hostel inmates are supposed to take care of their health themselves. Any Resident suffering from infectious diseases will have to leave the Hostel for medical treatment to a proper clinic/hospital.

10. The Resident will be completely responsible for their respective belongings including mobile phones/laptops etc. The Hostel administration will not be responsible in case of any loss or damage to their belongings.

11. Residents may park their vehicles at the Hostel premises upon paying the requisite parking charges. Parking is on first-come-first-serve basis only. Limited parking slots are available at any given point of time. Residents shall be solely responsible for their vehicles.

12. The Hostel premises cannot be considered a hiding place for the miscreants. The police authorities may enter the campus and detain anyone in case of any criminal case or breach of any law.

13. Any Resident harboring any unauthorized person in the campus will be expelled from the Hostel immediately.

14. Pets are not allowed inside the Hostel Premises.

15. In the event the Residents intend to bring a female guest in their room, the same must be intimated to the Warden. Guests will not be allowed entry into the Resident's room and will be restricted to the visitor's room and common areas. The Hostel retains it right to refuse entry to any non-resident without furnishing any reasons therefor. Male guests are not allowed anywhere beyond the visitor's area. Guest meals will cost extra. All nonresidents will have to leave the Hostel Premises by 7pm latest.

16. Room furniture, electric fittings etc are required to be maintained by the Residents in good condition. At the time of allotment or leaving the Hostel room, even for the vacations, every Resident must take-over and hand-over the Hostel property carefully. Residents invariably vacate Hostel rooms during this period, she may do so at her own risk and for this purpose she should contact the Hostel Warden.

17. Any damage to any Hostel property, or any non-functional items installed in the property shall be immediately reported to the Warden to enable him to take immediate corrective measures.

18. The Hostel shall provide identity cards to each Resident, which shall be used by the Residents to gain access to the Hostel. In order to maintain strict security of the Hostel premises, no Resident shall hand-over their identity cards to any third party for any reasons whatsoever. The identity cards are the property of the Hostel, and the same should be returned to the Warden at the time of vacating the accommodation by the Resident.

19. In case of any damage to the Hostel building, furniture, apparatus or any other property of the Hostel, caused by Residents of the Hostel, the loss shall be recovered from the persons identified as responsible for such damage. However, if the persons causing damage cannot be identified, the loss, as may be assessed and will be distributed equally amongst all the Residents of the Hostel or group of Residents of the Hostel found responsible for the damage.

20. The Resident should lock their room properly whenever they go out. Each roommate must keep a separate key of the door lock of her room.

21. The Resident should keep their room in clean, hygienic conditions, and shall not store in their rooms or elsewhere in the Hostel any items of poisonous, hazardous or combustible nature.

22. Use of any unauthorized electrical appliance such as television, music system,including external speakers of computer, heater, iron etc are strictly prohibited. Such articles will be confiscated and the concerned Resident will be penalised.

23. Fans, lights, ACs, geysers etc must be switched off whenever the Residents leave their rooms. Lights must be switched off positively when they go to bed. In case it is notified that the fans and lights are on in the locked room, a penalty will be imposed for wasting precious energy.

24. Individual cooking is not permitted. Special food will be provided to the sick Residents, on the recommendation of the Hostel Medical Officer by prior intimation to the concerned Warden/ Mess incharge /Hostel supervisor.

25. The Management, Warden or any authorized member of the Hostel staff can inspect the room of any Resident in the Hostel at any time.

26. The Resident will be provided with an identity card, which they are supposed to keep with them and must present the same, whenever asked for by any member of the Hostel authorities.

27. The Residents are supposed to keep their surroundings neat and clean.

28. Ragging of any kind or form is severely punishable as per the Supreme Court directives. Residents are advised not to indulge in any such activities. Anyone found indulging in the same shall be liable to be expelled and their actions reported to the police.

29. Any incident of misbehavior in the campus in general and during the gatherings/events shall be dealt with seriously.

30. The Residents must conserve water resources. Taps in the bathroom must be closed whenever not in use.

31. Mess menu will be finalized by the Hostel Management Committee on a weekly basis in consultation with the mess manager and the approval of the Warden. The menu shall be displayed in the dining hall of the Hostel.

32. The residents should strictly adhere to the prescribed mess timings.

33. Wastage of food in the mess must be avoided.

34. Violation of any rule or regulation shall make the resident liable to disciplinary action including expulsion from the Hostel.

35. Hostel fee once deposited shall not be refunded under any circumstances.