11 Best Hangout Places near NMIMS, Mumbai

11 Best Hangout Places near NMIMS, Mumbai.

Mumbai is the largest city in India and fondly called as the “City of Dreams”. Mumbai City is one of the cities offering students great opportunities to study and explore themselves. The high quality of education in Mumbai has made it the most preferred educational hub among aspirants. Students from all over India flock to Continue reading…

Which one is better? North Campus vs South Campus

Delhi University Searching for the right college that suits your interests and capabilities can be frustrating at times. Besides academics, it is also important that the environment and infrastructure of the college that you choose is as per your liking. Delhi University is one among the numerous top colleges in India, that provides well-experienced faculty, Continue reading…

13 Must-Try Street Food Stalls in Delhi

13 Must-Try Street Food Stalls in Delhi

UNESCO World heritage sites, cafes, bars and amazing nightlife, everything can be experienced in Delhi. Many people around the country want to shift to this city for the same reason. Another thing for which Delhi is very popular nation-wide is street food. As Delhi offers great job opportunities, people from everywhere settle here and as Continue reading…

15 tips to kickstart your college life(online)

15 tips to kickstart your college life(online)

So you are all set to begin the new chapter of your life. Away from the close-knit High School community, you will now experience a completely different life as you enter college. These four years will be some of the most memorable years of your life. You will expose yourself to new surroundings, new friends, Continue reading…

13 shows to binge-watch at home (2020)

show to bing watch

It must be a difficult time for our movie-lovers out there with the shutdown of cinema halls in the country for over the past 6 months. Well, we certainly cannot do anything about the circumstances we are in or with the government guidelines, but, we can definitely come up with a list of web-series that Continue reading…

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