7 Tips to Find the Perfect PG Accommodation in Bangalore

Whether you call it the Garden City or the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore is known for its charm, luxury, and modern lifestyle; and provides every aspect of a comfortable life. If you’re someone who would love to bask in the posh luxury of the city or simply enjoy its soothing weather – you’re in for a beautiful stay when it comes to the Pensioner’s Paradise.

Convenience is key

If you’re looking for accommodation options in Bangalore, one of the most crucial factors to bear in mind is its very location. So, the question is, how should you go about finding your dream stay in Bangalore? It’s rather simple – just choose a convenient locality. This essentially means that your place should be in proximity to shopping malls, restaurants, schools, colleges, and marketplaces. Whether you are a student looking for a luxury PG in Bangalore or a bachelor who has just moved in with their new job before you make your pick, ensure asking yourself one question – does this place make my life more convenient? If yes, you’ve got your perfect place!


Imagine staying in an inaccessible and desolate location just because the place looks shiny or you’re getting it cheap. In a big city like Bangalore, accessibility is a vital thing to consider when looking for accommodation options. Of course, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to commuting in the city, it is still advisable to choose a place that is close to facilities like a hospital, a bus stand or a metro station. So that if you’re faced with an emergency, you know exactly where to go. Therefore, it is crucial to check out how accessible important facilities are from your location.

Reviews never lie

If you’re aimlessly Googling ‘Bangalore PG rent’, worry no more. While choosing accommodation for yourself, one of the biggest mistakes people tend to make is choosing a place entirely based on the ‘price’ factor. So, before zeroing in on your final choice, make it a point to read every piece of review there is on the accommodation’s website. This can help you avoid unnecessary problems from arising had you based your accommodation solely based on price. Well, it’s obvious – the advice here is to read reviews before you hit it!

Are there any hidden costs?

There are a lot of accommodations that may have some hidden costs as well. In such cases, you might have to pay more than needed for availing of additional facilities, such as dishcloths, property service charges, etc. So, always make it a point to ask and find out if there are any hidden charges, to avoid paying unnecessary fees.

Facilities & Services? Check it out!

Certain accommodations may charge for amenities like Wi-Fi services. Some places may even have restrictions on using certain services. For instance, you might be allowed to use the swimming pool, spa, gym, or any other facility within a specific period and not beyond that. Therefore, it is always advisable to check out all facilities and services available before making your final decision.

Always ask questions!

In case you have queries regarding the services or facilities offered, you must not hesitate to ask questions. Make it a point to email the hostel and ask your questions without any second thoughts. Additionally, it is also suggested that you check and recheck with the property to ensure that your booking is genuine and will have no further issues.


So, here’s the deal – if the hostel has a good location and the price seems just about fine, we must take a deeper look at the overall cleanliness of the place. If you are greeted with stains and dampness right at the entrance, chances are, your room will be a mess too. Make sure that you check the bedding, the showers and also read reviews thoroughly. A dirty room, stained linens, and a broken bed are every students’ nightmare!

Whether you’re a student or someone who is switching between jobs, or someone looking for a private or shared accommodation space, Your-Space is India’s leading student housing platform that provides you with facilities ranging from attached balconies, free Wi-Fi, to food that tastes just like home.

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