7 Natural Spots to Visit in Dehradun for a Dreamy Vacation

Robber’s Cave

Nestled in the Doon Valley, Dehradun is one of the most frequented places for a dreamy hill station getaway. It brags of the Garhwal’s picturesque backdrop making it the perfect spot for tourists – solo, couples, and families. Apart from tourist and wildlife attractions, it also boasts of some of the best educational institutions which are why you will find some of the best hotels and PGs in Dehradun.

The perfect time to visit Dehradun is during the summers as the weather is quite pleasant. The many natural spots you can visit in Doon are:

  • Robber’s Cave, Gucchu Pani

This natural cave is one of the most frequented picnic spots for friend groups and families. It is encircled by lofty hills with extremely cold springs inside. Robber’s Cave is an interesting place to visit for couples in a single day. You can go here for an excursion, picnic, or trek and walk through the ice-cold water in the cave.

  • Lachhiwala 

If you want to spend your day admiring the picturesque beauty of Dehradun, this is the place to head to. Lachhiwala is fenced by Sal trees and is a relaxing and serene spot, popular for its stunning sunset views, bird watching, and trekking trails. An ideal place for couples, this place is characterised by luxurious greenery and a man-made pool to chill and rejuvenate oneself.

  • Mindrolling Monastery  

Mindrolling Monastery is also known as the Place of Perfect Emancipation. It is the biggest learning centre for Buddhists across India and has dedicated itself to the research of Buddhist scriptures, traditional Tibetan medicine, astronomy, Tibetan lunar calendar, and calligraphy. This 220 feet high temple is the #1 tourist spot in Dehradun. The walls adorn vibrant paintings that showcase the works and life of Lord Buddha. The enormous holy shrine of Buddha is the key attraction for tourists. While the souvenir shops and gardens are open all week, the monastery is only open on Sundays for tourists.

  • Tapovan

If you want to get submerged in the beauty and tranquillity of Dehradun, Tapovan is the ideal blend of sanctity and nature. It also hosts the Tapovan temple which is a holy site and significant to the Hindu religion. The holy Ganges flows through it, deeming it a must-see place in Dehradun.

  • Forest Research Institute and Botanical Gardens 

While this is an educational institute, the FRI is a popular tourist spot because it is a heritage building and the university complex spans over 2000 acres. Yet another popular place in Dehradun, its Greco-Roman architecture and six museums are what lures all age groups alike. This place is nice for a family outing where you can get guided tours and take a stroll in the Botanical Garden.

  • Tapkeshwar Temple 

This temple is a natural spot because it has been built in a natural cave in such a fashion that water continuously falls on the Shiva Lingam. This is what attracts tourists to the temple and the other thing that is a key appeal is the sulphur water springs next to the temple. If you are in Dehradun for religious tourism, your sightseeing is not complete without a visit to the Tons River Tapkeshwar temple.

  • Malsi Deer Park

The Malsi Deer Park is characterised by exquisite flora and fauna. Another great place to visit with the family, Malsi Deer Park is a zoological garden that spreads over 25 hectares and is home to some great wildlife such as leopard, nilgai, two-horned deer, eagle and peacock, and eagle.

Dehradun is known for a variety of opportunities, from education to employment opportunities to tourism. If you are looking for a single room PG in Dehradun or PG in Dehradun for boys and girls, Your Space offers you a home away from home. With multiple locations across the city, our services and the natural beauty offered by the city will make you feel welcome and comfortable at all times. Whether you are a student, young professional, or tourist, Dehradun is a must-visit.

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